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The Most 10 important Elements of SEO

Search engine optimization can be considered as one of the most important aspect of digital marketing. It provides solution by which the website can be optimized as well as can be reflected in several search engines. These are some important factor of SEO. Let’s have a quick overview on them.

1. Unique and Relevant Optimized Content

The content optimization can be done by using on page and off page optimization techniques. The content optimization mainly concentrates on making efficient use of keywords, provides appropriate content title, writes better quality of content, must have proper navigation, and eliminates broken links. Etc. Always make use of good quality content because it delivers descriptive information to the user. And also help to boost good traffic and page rank to search engines.

The content must be unique since there are so many competitors that offer the similar service that we are providing we have to show the aspect that are not offered by our competitors. The content is made up of using important keyword their use must be also done effectively. Because of this following this techniques in effective manner it help in improving the page rank and the indexing of the website that in turn will attract more customers and provide profit.

2. Secure and Accessible Website

The website should be easily accessible from different devices like computer, mobiles, tab; laptop etc., used should be user friendly and can be accessible from anywhere despite of time or places. It must be kept secure from malpractices sometimes followed in order to divert traffic to the website that looks and name similar to our client website. The security and accessibility are important factor SEO.

If the website is not secure it may be hacked by hacker that will result in losing of some important data that can be further misuse. So the security is very important generally and from SEO point of view also.

3. Website Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)

Several factors like using large size images, so many advertisements, widgets, etc., also affect page speed directly or indirectly. If the page loading is very slowly in any devices the user be distracted and we may loss our user to some other site which will reduce our website traffic.

There are so many techniques used by SEO to improve page speed. The website pages must load quickly and effectively on any time independent of devices nature, whether it is accessed from computers or smart phone.

If they will be loaded in stipulated time it is good for us also that the work done by us on website is efficient and also the user will enjoy accessing website that load effectively.

4. Responsive Website for Mobile Users

It is not mandatory website accessed by a user are from computer or laptops. Nowadays, the Smartphone has become the important part of life that has increased the number of Smartphone users. The website should be easily accessible from mobile too. It is also affecting search results. So the website or web pages must be designed and optimized in an effective way that can be easily accessed from any sources. It should be mobile friendly and work flawlessly on mobile too.

While doing analysis, we can easily identify the nature of traffic source is from which device that whether it is arriving from mobile, computer, etc. By this also it will gives you an idea about the user and while designing you must design it in a way that it can load and run easily on any devices. The SEO process applied must be applied in such a way that a site can easily run on any type of devices.

5. Time spent by user on your website

The user accessing any website is important, but more than the user access their retention to your website are also important. If the website is designed in a proper manner and must deliver a good quality of content to the users. Then only the user spends time on website will be more and in order to increase the user retention time on website the title, description content must be optimized for increasing the search engine ranking.

When any user spent time on Google we can easily identify its requirement and their area of interest are shown in suggestion. If any website not design in proper manner and fails to deliver the proper content. That will divert the user to another site. So the design and information provided by the website are important factors for audience retention on any site.

6. Domain Age, URL, and Authority

The amount of time for which the website has been is registered and has remained active it is known as its Domain age. It is important as it directly affects its ranking in search engine. It can be considered that the more the domain age the website is active from so much time and indirectly show that it is an authorized reputed website in the market.

The URL used must be short, easily readable, avoid canonicalization of the URL, increase use of hyphens (-), remove useless words etc. in order to improve their search rank. Efforts should be made to avoid the use of similarly sounding URL. The URL must be specifying the important service or product of the clients.

Domain authority is also affecting search result, it’s a score that can be scaled from factor 1 to 100 the higher the result better it will reflect result on web search.

7. Technical SEO

The different techniques of technical a SEO are doing technical SEO audit, process of mobile optimization, the role of Robots.txt file, elimination of duplicate content, increasing the page speed, creating the XML sitemap, use of error pages and redirects, creating proper structured data, use of meta tags, use of image optimization techniques, optimizing URL structure, Podcast creation, etc. this are the important aspects of technical SEO.

The above techniques are used for optimizing the website and improving its ranking in search engines.

9. Crawling & Indexing of Website

Crawling is SEO is a process by which a website details are scanned and collected with the help of crawler. It is the information about any site that is acquired by any crawler whereas indexing is the information that reflected by search engine is called its indexing. In short the information gathered after crawling is shown to the user in form of indexing.

Both the factors affect highly on SEO.

If this website is properly optimized they will be easily identified by the crawlers and after crawling any website can be properly indexed. It will affect directly on their rank in search engines and which in turn affect on the traffic received.

10. How Frequently Your Website Updated

The website must be updated from time to time in order to add a new keyword to websites, updated content that can deliver the latest information to users. By regularly updating it help to boost traffic to the website and also improves its ranking in search engine.

The above stated are the ten most important elements to be remembered while doing SEO.

One must keep them in mind and use them efficiently while performing SEO technique. If applied correctly it can reflect positive result in search engines.